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Charming. Outgoing. Wallflower.

These are the words I use to describe myself. I play characters who have very different public and private personas. Think Connell from 'Normal People' - very outwardly confident but secretly bruised.

I'm one of five, so naturally I'm a people-person. As second in the lineup of my family, I've always needed to demand the attention of the grownups in some way. Hence all the acting.


The pandemic hit. London was calling, and so I studied at the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts in London last year. I also grew my hair out a bit. 

Back in the US, I've worked in upcoming film projects like "Pale Blue Eye" (Netflix) and "A Man Called Otto" (AppleTV).

Represented by Brehan Fitzgerald at Brio Entertainment.


Christian on the Beach_edited.jpg
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